Koskinou village exists of 2 parts: the old village/town, and around it the new area. As our interest with renting, and in general, only goes out to traditional, authentic places, we only speak about the old part in this website. In the old part (which is a village of its own), the houses date back to the 17th,18th and 19th century. Like in many places in Greece about 40 years ago people started abandoning their old stone family houses, to move into modern cement buildings out of the village centers or creating new centers. The houses then became ruins and were rediscovered and bought in their original state by foreigners, Greeks from Athens and some times local Greeks. They renovated these beautiful houses and recently all kinds of committees are being formed to keep or bring back the houses in the authentic state. Typical for the village is the sala (living room) with a big stone arch (Kamarra) through the middle to make a semi separation. Another thing that is typical are the chochlakia, floors in which pebbles (found on the beach) are laid, stone by stone into a typical, magnificent mosaic floor. These floors nowadays cost a fortune to produce. Again a typical thing of the houses in Koskinou is that they have wooden sofas in the sala, high raised platforms, on which one or 2 mattresses were laid, for sleeping or where they used to drink tea. The last typical thing for Kosknou are the courtyards surrounded by high walls for total privacy and closed off by iron handmade doors with a beautiful design in it.


The streets of Koskinou are covered by chochlakia (pebbles), tiles and marble. There are some small springs at the edges of the old village and there is a museum somewhere in the middle, where one can see how the people used to live and how the houses looked like in the older days: well worth a visit. Then there is a lunch/tea room (called Stefani, which is a circle of flowers that people hang on their doors at the first of May), run by a Finnish/Swedish lady, who serves coffee, tea, some cakes and ice cream. Attached to this café is a showroom/museum totally left or brought back in the traditional way, so again one can experience how life was in the centuries before. This lady gives cooking lessons and Greek lessons.


There are 2 small companies that make the traditional melekounia, a hand made biscuit of sesame and honey. One can buy them on the spot and take a look at how it is made. Koskinou has 2 excellent restaurants (Yiannis, Tassos), where traditional Greek food is made, and people come from everywhere to eat. Watch it: the Greeks usually don’t come before 10 pm to eat, after that the restaurants fill up easily and they have a wonderful busy atmosphere, but both of these restaurants know that in summer the tourists usually want to eat at their own time at 18:00. They will be open, but don’t expect any Greek to be here at this hour. Another thing is that with any real Greek food restaurant, the best thing to do is to ask what the cook has ready. This will be freshly made. A lot of things that you will order from the menu will be in the freezer and not fresh, especially with non-tourist restaurants. So go with the flow and order what is ready made in the kitchen. There are a few mini/super markets/groceries in the old part and in the new part. There is a bakery, a butcher, a pastry and even a tailor, 2 hairdressers and a small shoe shop. Koskinou attracted a lot of artists in the past few decades, which is why all the houses have been made with a lot of feeling for style and atmosphere. There are even one or two small art galleries. The atmosphere in Koskinou is quite a quiet, friendly, relaxed, modest but also a vivid and lively one. There is no sign, non whatsoever of any hurdy burdy tourist traps. And only people that respect the way of living and want to experience the real Greek life are attracted to the village. The Greeks living in the village are rather open minded as the artists and the central location of the island has involved in all sorts and kinds of people, keeping the Greeks with an open view. There even a few gay couples living in the village which have blended and integrated totally in the society. Also clothing of any kind does not raise any eyebrows. All with all a mellow atmosphere, in which everyone is private and by themselves, but all are respected and welcome.



Just outside of Koskinou


Waterpark - Just outside of Koskinou on the Rhodes –Faliraki/Kalithea road (the road parallel with the Rodou-Lindou road, but then on the sea side) is the Waterpark for big fun for the younger ones, with huge slides and all sorts of water entertainment.


Playland - This is a café just on the corner of the Faliraki/Kalithea road and Koskinou, where you can have lots of different kinds of café while the staff watches over your children.


Lunapark - Again on the Faliraki/Kalithea road but more towards or in Faliraki, is the Lunapark, Tivoli park, entertainment for your children.


Beaches/Coasts - There are several sandy beaches just around and a short drive away from Koskinou, and only just a bit further from Tsaire. Some with pebbles and some rocky ones. Some quiet ones and some busy ones. There are beaches with water sports, diving schools and beach bars. One thing they all have in common: they all have a shower, a restaurant or at least a cantina and above all a crystal clear blue sea.


Thermen Kalithea - This is a very special beach place that is part of the Koskinou municipality, just outside of Koskinou on the main road Rhodes-Faliraki. Thermen Kalithea was originally a health spa, built in the Moorish style by the Italians in the 1920's. It was recently restored and boasts beautiful mosaic pebbled paths, leading to the beach and a beautiful spa resort. Underground there is a fantastic building with on the floor again the pebbled mosaic and a fountain, while there are permanent art exhibitions. There is a gorgeous beach bar with soft chill music that opens until late at night with nice cocktails, snacks and beverages, and one can really spend all day here, relaxing, sunbathing on the sun beds, strolling around in the underground buildings and enjoying the marvelous views. There is a very small entrance fee above the price for the sun beds, but for those who want to experience the good life, this shouldn’t be an obstacle.



Distances from Koskinou


Rhodes Diagoras airport is approx. 15 km away and Rhodes harbor a 10 min drive. Car hire is recommend. Medieval Old Town of Rhodes at a 10 minutes drive from Koskinou and Tsaire.


Lindos (and its Acropolis) are at a 35 minutes drive from Koskinou and Tsaire. The Acropolis offers spectacular views of the surrounding harbors and coastline.


Golf at Afandou (a championship 18 holes, par 73, golf course). Afandou golf is about 15 kilometers from Koskinou, following the coastal road towards Lindos.