koskinou rhodes greece


Koskinou village exists of 2 parts: the old village/town, and around it the new area. As our interest with renting, and in general, only goes out to traditional, authentic places, we only speak about the old part in this website. In the old part (which is a village of its own), the houses date back to the 17th,18th and 19th century.



tsairie rhodes greece


Tsaire is more of an area just outside of Koskinou village. It belongs to the same municipality as Koskinou does. There are some houses clustered here and there, but mainly people are just on their own and happy by themselves. There is not a village or community idea. All the pieces of land here were big plots of land, usually owned by the Koskinou villagers to put their olive trees on, and to go for the weekend to relax in a small self made shed or house. One can take nice walks and go to the backlands of the Olive Yard House.



lahania rhodes greece


Lahania lies in the south east coast of Rhodes Island and is far away from and has nothing to do with the hurly burly tourist package destinations. The distance to the city of Rhodes is about 70 kilometers. By car it is about a 1 and half hour drive and by taxi it is about one hour, which would cost about 60 euros. Lahania, like Koskinou, is built on a hill with valleys and a river on the side and mountains at the back. Around Lahania there are beautiful, natural areas, meadows and lots of olive yards.